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Business Valuations

The most common question from a business owner is “what is my business worth?” The answer is of course, what someone will pay you! What someone will pay you will depend on a number of factors that will be unique to every business.

When considering the valuation of a business, there are a number of key considerations that usually impact on valuation including but not limited to: -

  • The level of profitability
  • Historic financial performance
  • The state of the market
  • Any unique products or services that you provide including intellectual property
  • The reliance on key customers
  • Having strong long term commercial contracts in place
  • The number of willing buyers
  • The level of preparation you have made for the sale (often called grooming)
  • The reliance on the owner and the quality of your management team

A business valuation should be a professional review of a business to establish its real-world value and not based purely on a historical statistical ratio. This valuation can be built on, and should provide the owners with greater knowledge and flexibility. A good business valuation identifies a business's key value drivers and anticipates what effect management decisions will have on value. Whether or not you ultimately decide to proceed with the sale process, unless you are happy to treat your business as being in "maintenance mode," there is no more important activity than increasing value by taking a pro-active approach.

We are happy to have an informal no obligation discussion regarding the value of your business at no cost. If required, we can then proceed to a formal valuation which would detail all relevant information regarding the business and the key factors impacting the valuation.

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