Due Diligence

When considering the sale of your business you should be aware before you commence the process that any purchaser will carry out detailed due diligence on the information provided. Due diligence is the term used to describe an investigation to support the information a purchaser has been given when purchasing a business. It can cover a variety of areas, including legal, financial, and commercial.

The scope of due diligence commissioned will always be 'deal' specific, but typically includes:

  • An in-depth analysis of underlying historic performance, cash flow, assets and liabilities
  • A review of management's forecasts, including the working capital requirements of the business
  • A review of the underlying financial systems and controls
  • Taxation matters
  • Staff
  • Key customers and suppliers
  • Commercial terms and other matters relevant to the specific business.

Quality and well presented information will always assist the due diligence process, and enable the purchaser to confirm that they are happy with the information provided. When preparing a business for sale this one of the key considerations should be to ensure all relevant information is available.

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