Mergers & Acquisitions


Acquiring a business can provide a quick and cost-effective and fast way to grow your organisation or make strategic gains, but it also represents one of the biggest risk factors a business can face both in terms of the acquisition and the integration.  Such a purchase can facilitate rapid entry into a new market or region and bring key personnel, brand equity, new technology or new customers.

ibv understands the challenges that an acquisition brings and the post deal integration issues. Having been involved in many acquisitions as advisors and business owners, we really do bring a different perspective to the challenges faced. Our experience allows us to bring a pro-active approach as we know the problems that may arise further down the line in negotiations, and we can ensure that the major deal breakers can be identified early on in the process to minimise your costs.

We also understand the major role HR plays in the success of the ultimate merger or acquisition, in what can be a difficult situation, for example: development and implementation of the communication strategy; retention of key staff; separation of redundant staff; TUPE transfers; integration of the HR policies, procedures and systems.

The key benefits an acquisition can bring for your business include:

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